Stitchin' Mission -

Stitchin’ Mission

I’m a man of many talents but did you know I was a stuffed animal plastic surgeon? Probably not. I only ever break out this skill in the most desperate of circumstances.  One such circumstance arose the other night. Elliott received a Hello Kitty stuffed animal wearing an Angry Birds costume. The problem was, as Elliott out it, “Hello Kitty has lazy legs” – see the before picture-. He had been using Scotch tape in order to hold the legs in a better position. However, living under the same roof as Emmett, makes this fix, quite temporary. Emmett doesn’t tolerate tape or tags on clothes or stuffed animals. As soon as Emmett noticed the tape, he freaked out until it was removed. This presented Elliott with a problem. How do we address the lazy legs and do it in a way that Emmett will tolerate? Stuffed animal plastic surgery was the only solution. After a grueling 15 minute procedure, it was over. In my opinion, the surgery was a complete success. I’ll skip the gory details but there were quite a few stitches required to finish things up. Curious about the results? Judge for yourself. Before:




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