Guess where we are today -

Guess where we are today

We’ve made it to see our friends at Akron Children’s Hospital, and did so on time. That’s quite an accomplishment if you’ve driven through Akron in recent years.

Anyway, this is a follow-up with Gastroenterology for Mr. Gavin.

I don’t expect anything Earth-shattering to occur today. Gavin’s in a pretty good mood, and he’s having a decent day thus far. He’s a bit animated though. I guess manic would be a better or more accurate word to use, but it’s not mania how he’s historically experienced mania.

He’s just really happy, very exaggerated in much of what he does, and is extremely talkative. It’s not bad, at least comparatively speaking but it’s enough that we can tell something is going on.

I do suspect it will be a bit annoying while we’re trying to speak with his doctor. Gavin will want to interject irrelevant or inaccurate information and muddy the water. It makes things confusing for everyone.

I’m really hoping that we can just get through this without too much headache.

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