Short but sweet

Emmett was to spend the night at Lizze’s parents tonight.  He went over early this afternoon. 

However,  we got a call around dinner time.  Apparently,  Emmett was asking to come home.  Lizze’s and I both spoke with him and tried to reassure him that he would have fun. 

Grandma and I agreed that she would call if he gets to upset.

Sure enough,  a bit later she called back.  I spoke with him again,  however,  he said this to me. He very sweetly said “Daddy,  I come home now…please”. 

I know I should have stood strong and told him that he was going to have so much fun tonight and convince him to stay,  but he just melted me into a pudde of mush.

I answered him by saying,  “of course you can come home sweetheart”. 

He got really excited and said,  “mank you Daddy,  mank you Daddy”.

I got the death glare from Lizze, jokingly of course.  We were both looking forward to quiet night.  In my defense,  she would have done the exact same thing if he had asked her.  It just turns out that I was the wuss tonight.

It really is nice to have him home.  He completes our family in a way,  no one else ever could. 

When he got home,  we snugga-bugged on the couch and played on the tablet.  He was happy and wearing his new pj’s and boots that Grandma got for him. 

Oh well….  We were so close yet so far…. Guess it goes with the territory….   🙂

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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"Of course can home". That is the most encouraging and loving thing a parent can say to a child… no matter how the child is.