Investigating Gavin's mysterious illness -

Investigating Gavin’s mysterious illness

We are at the pediatrician today to try and get a grip on what’s going on.  I’ve mentioned previously that we recently found out that Gavin is getting sick every day at school and is falling asleep on a daily basis,  even after he has 12+  hours of sleep the night before.

We are also going to have his. hearing tested because he always says that he can’t hear us when we call for him so we’re going to put that to rest.

In the unlikely event that Gavin does have problems hearing than we can get that addressed. 

My Mom has joined us this afternoon so she can spend some time with Gavin on his birthday. 

After the appointment,  Gavin will get his blood work done and then maybe go out to lunch.  He has a birthday card from Bob Evans that entitles him to a free lunch. 


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Have they checked for hypothyroidism or anything regarding the thyroid? Just wondering.

Also are you sure he's not 'hearing' you rather than not 'understanding' what you're saying? Hearing and processing what's heard is different, and while a normal hearing test will show that his hearing may be fine, he may not be processing what's being said properly. OT can help address that with Integrated Listening Therapy.

Just some food for thought 🙂 I have the same problem as the latter, I'll hear my mom saying something to me but I won't be able to understand her if there's background noise or something.


They are actually running those tests again as I write this. Hopefully we\’ll have the results soon. Thanks for your support 🙂

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