7th Antibody Infusion: Successful -

7th Antibody Infusion: Successful

Gavin’s 7th Antibody Infusion was a success.  He did really well and I am of course,  very proud of him.

We will be returning on February 20th of infusion number 8.


When Gavin’s infusion takes place before noon,  he is served lunch.  This time he happen to pick breakfast. 


After the infusion is completed,  they do a 100cc flush of normal saline.  This is simply to make sure everything in the tubes get into his blood stream. 

They have also involved him in disconnecting everything,  so he becomes more comfortable with the process.

Ironically,  he complains more about the tape removal then he does the IV itself..


After the infusion is completed, Gavin gets to pick a prize from the treasure box on the way out.  Next to the video games and lunch,  this is Gavin’s favorite part.  🙂

7 infusions down, a lifetime of infusions left to go…..

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