I have awesome news you’ll want to read

It’s been a long day but there’s been some positive things that have occurred and I’m happy to share them with all of you. 

For starters, Emmett went to school without much hassle. He ended up having to wear in flip flops in weather that’s far too cold but he went to school. We packed his socks and slippers, should he need them and he was only outside for a few seconds. 

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On the way home, it was colder than this morning and Emmett wore his slippers for me, without any issues. 

Awesome sauce.. ☺ 

It’s also important to note that while Elliott still gets unkind words thrown in his direction at school, there’s been no further physical assaults. The significance of this cannot be overstated.  This is major good news.

Lastly, the car was repaired today as well and that’s huge. My parents were instrumental in helping this come to pass and we are grateful beyond words. 💙

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Tomorrow’s a new day and I feel hopeful because we are going into it having ended the previous day on a high note. I’m never looking for perfection but I’ll certainly take the victories we celebrated today.  ☺ 

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  1. JR

    Glad things are looking up. Question for you – you talk a lot about Emmett’s sensory issues and the challenges he faces on a seemingly daily basis of getting something on his feet so he can go to school. But it seems you rarely talk about, except maybe in passing unless I missed more, what kinds of things you’ve tried with him in order to combat these sensory issues. I know obviously you try different combinations of shoes/socks, etc. But I’d like to know about the things you’ve try to deal with the underlying sensory issue. I think you’ve briefly mentioned brushing and standing in rice. But these types of sensory things, in my understanding, are more effective if they are part of a daily routine to provide a routine/regular “dose”, if you will, of sensory input. Are there things you do everyday to try to give him the tactile input he needs? Stuff like joint compression, deep pressure, or anything else? Have you tried things that haven’t worked? Have you found things that are good in theory but practically speaking are too difficult to do everyday? Just curious about what your experience is, good, bad, or indifferent with the typical “treatments” for this kind of thing, or with anything Emmett’s OT may have recommended. Or, alternatively, have you concluded that the best way to go is just to see what he can tolerate on any given day?
    What a tough thing for a kid to deal with, especially at the beginning of the day. I’m sure all he wants to do is get his f-ing shoes on without a problem…

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