The visitors -

The visitors

Last night was a rough night for everyone.  Emmett didn’t sleep and Elliott was up at about 3am this morning.

Then there was the visitors

I’m laying in bed and it sounded like cats were running around in the attic. It was so loud that Maggie kept waking up and running around trying to find the noise.

I’m pretty sure it’s squirrels and not cats but it’s a problem nonetheless.

I’ll need to find an exterminator pretty quick before the boys notice the noise.

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For the most part most animal control companies don't kill the intruders, they lure them out and plug the holes. I hope that's what happens at your place. Cute as it is, I hope your neighbors stop feeding those tiny peanut butter sandwiches to the local squirrels, that's probably why they're hanging around.

PurpleLogic Rules

I recently saw a show on Animal Planet that showed how a professional humane critter removal service worked on getting rid of squirrels in an attic. Their solution was to provide an alternate feeding and nesting spot. They put up a squirrel feeder and while the squirrels were out of the attic, they repaired the entry spots. Chewck out this link for other ideas:

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