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I consider myself a relatively patient guy.  I’m far from perfect but I’m pretty patient.

Having said that,  everyone is driving me crazy.  All day I have listened to Elliott whine and Emmett scream.

Gavin is doing pretty well but he is repeating himself all the time and doing everything super fast.  Behavioral wise,  he’s doing well.

Lizze isn’t feeling good.  She battling these horrid migraines and her whole body just hurts.

When you combine all of the above,  it’s a recipe for insanity. My eyes are twitching right now. The boys are about 90% down for the night. Elliott however,  has decided that he has to watch a specific episode of Phineas and Ferb tonight.

Once he finds it,  he’ll be out like a light.

I know it’s to soon to tell,  but the meds haven’t helped Elliott much today. It’s gonna take some time and patience before we will see any progress in that arena.

I think I’ll go drowned myself in the Autism Support Forums tonight.  I enjoy talking with the people there and it has become my new happy place.

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself and maybe help someone out who’s looking for advice.

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