#Autism and the little treasures

This is more of a question really but also a sharing of my experience.

Do any of your kids collect. Little treasures?

I ask because of our 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum,  both Gavin and Elliott have a history of collecting

Well actually,  in Gavin’s case,  it’s more like hoarding. Gavin will hoard all the Lego’s, Hot Wheels and stuffed animals.

In Elliott’s case, he collects these little treasures

These little treasures are usually,  odd little trinkets that have broken off of other toys. 

From what I understand,  this is a way of him exerting control over his life,  and to be completely honest,  he has very little control over his life otherwise.

I was just wondering if anyone else sees this type of behavior?  He’s not stealing or anything like that.  These are just small and otherwise unwanted little things.

I appreciate any and all feedback…  🙂

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Hello , I read your story in the repository. I have only one child on the spectrum. He will be 12 in June. He collects legos too it's the only thing in his room.He has an obsession with animals and dinosaurs. I can't imagine how you manage with 3 children on the spectrum. Sometimes I feel its hard to manage one. I felt a big load off my back finding autism support groups on Facebook. No longer feeling alone. I read your appointment overload and I know what its like to feel like your living and eating out of your car because of appts. Im so glad your article was posted locally. I feel tired of explaining autism and tired of being judge like i make things up to justify my sons behavior. The awareness is hard to spread for me .My best friends are the people paid to help my son. My prayers go out to you and your family. Best of luck with your appts. and hope everyone's health gets better. Thank you for reminding me I'm not lost and tired alone. A true inspiration.


When I was still a little girl, I also love collecting and keeping my favorite stuffs. Perhaps, I have an attachment to these stuffs that is why I want to keep and treasure them. Thus, what's good about this is that I can still see those stuffs until now. It serves as a treasure which reminded me of my past life. However, there is nothing wrong if children keep with them some items because perhaps they can see themselves and they can be true to themselves when they are with those stuffs.
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I used to collect particularly shiny pennies, scraps of paper, and batteries. I still sort of hoard batteries, but I graduated to obsidian instead of shiny pennies when i was about 13. I really REALLY want to invest in a rock tumbler. Make them smooth. Some of the obsidian that I have…I hold it and rub it so much that it has become smooth in specific places. My thumbs and index fingers tend to feel a bit softer than the rest of my hands as a result of this.


I know what your talking about. My son for as long as I can remember wants to keep everything he likes. He will try to keep Happy meal boxes, movie boxes, cars, all his drawings. He hates to throw things away. But he is getting better. He is 11 now and he is allowing me to donate somethings. So it gets better.
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