The lengths we go for our kids

The lengths we go for our kids

Emmett is in a full on flare up.  He was running a fever this morning and the tiny cold sores from a few days ago are now giant.

Understandably,  he is in a horrible mood.  Lizze isn’t feeling much better herself and is dealing with a migraine from hell.

During these times with Emmett,  we are lucky if we can get him to anything so we pretty much get him whatever he’s willing to eat.  This afternoon,  for lunch,  it was hot dogs.

I mentioned before how picky Emmett has become. We have to peel the skin off the hot dogs or he won’t touch it. So I peeled the skin off and cut the rest of the hot dog up for him to eat. 

Apparently,  Mommy does a better job at the skinning process because my job wasn’t good enough.  I had also cut them into little squares.  We thought maybe that’s why he was screaming at us.

So Lizze got up and made her way,  painfully into the kitchen to skin Emmett’s hot dog.

She did a great job.  Emmett was happy for a few minutes until he decided that he wanted them to be squares. So she cut up a new one and Emmett just screamed. 
In all,  I think Lizze went through 6 hot dogs,  trying to make one acceptable for Mr.  Emmett John. 

To make the screaming stop,  I offered to get him chicken nuggets.  He didn’t stop but Lizze and I were willing to try anything at this point.

After all of this he still didn’t eat much.  All the time and effort we out into trying to provide him something he would eat was basically fruitless.

Sometimes it really is amazing just how far we will go for our special needs kids.  Sometimes it’s done for no other reason than to stop the screaming. Is that great parenting on my part?  Probably not,  however,  I have managed to preserve enough sanity to keep going. 

That should count for something,  right?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Is there a way you guys can take photos of the hotdogs during various "preperation" ways and next time let him show you which is the right way? One pic for just a plain ol hotdog with skin on, one with skin on but cut up, another skin off but not cut, etc. Try to supplement his language with pictures that are straight forward, so he can better express his wants and needs. Do this for any problem item you guys run into… It could help, I've seen similair systems used before with autistic children and I've heard it's helped.

Also ftr, I knew an NT kid who used to refuse to eat chicken nuggets or hot dogs without the skin or breading peeled off. For a while she made us do it, but we taught her how to do it herself and she was fine after that. She didn't fight to eat them, she just peeled it off herself and that was that. Course NT kids and ASD are different but just throwing out ideas n such 🙂

Good luck. -hug-


some days I feel like screaming right along with him.


I\’m right there with you Carl.. 🙂

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