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One of the things that I deal with as a special needs parent is the whole 1 step forward 2 steps back thing. The Lost and Tired family is no stranger to this.

Emmett is potty trained,  thank God,  and has been for awhile.  However,  in recent months his potty routine has changed.

He used to have to take all of his clothes off before going potty. He would then flush,  wash his hands and get dressed or ask for help to get dressed. However,  now he will keep his clothes on,  but won’t flush or wash his hands. 

It seems like every time I walked into the bathroom,  I find a present,  left behind by Emmett.

I’m grateful that we have come this far and I’m extremely proud of Emmett as well.  But,  if I to be honest,  I have to admit that these steps back really suck.

I have tried visual reminders and nothing. If I verbally remind him then he freaks out.  One more thing to figure out.  Don’t get me wrong,  I’m don’t mean to complain because I know it could be worse.  But even knowing that,  it’s still frustrating….

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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My son does better with instuctions when they come from something cuddly. If I put a puppet on my hand and ask him to do something he will respond more positively than if I ask him as myself. I know he sees that it's a puppet, and likely knows I'm dong the talking, but he still reacts better to the puppet. My son is only 2, so I know that the age difference could also be in play here, but perhaps it could work for you too.
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Maybe you should put a picture sequence of events at eye level for Emmett. Wherever you think he'd see it long enough to remember what he needs to do. Simple clipart showing a hand pushing the toilet flushing lever and then another of washing hands, to remind him 😮


Ah…..the Special Needs Two-Step Tango.

Katy Murray

^Shoot, I meant put the toilet seat DOWN! My ADHD is kickin' it today:)

Katy Murray

Maybe he isn't comfortable with watching where everything is going? It might be easier to flush if he puts the toilet seat up. Also, he's not the only one who won't flush! Every time I walk into a women's public restroom, it seems like everybody is afraid to flush the toilet! I don't want to touch the handles, either, so I stick my foot out and flush with my shoe. Maybe Emmett would consider doing that? Good luck!