Lego Creations: 03/10/2012 -

Lego Creations: 03/10/2012

Gavin has once again created a Lego masterpiece.  I forgot what he called this one but I wanted to share the pictures. 

He’s excited for you all to see those new ship he made.  As always, please feel free to leave your positive or encouraging comments below.  🙂



**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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does Gavin smile im just wondering if theres any pictures of him smiling

Hammerhead Eaglethrust

we did the same thing with bryce.He was throwing his toys over the balcony when he did that we would tell him it was gone and he wasnt getting it back.then we would go get it and stash it.he hasnt thrown anything over the edge for a while now.

Hammerhead Eaglethrust

take them away when he destroys them and dont give them back until he improves.Once he start running out of toys he may realize that he may have to change some things if he wants any toys at all.thats what i would do.dunno if its the right way but it seems reasonable to be.No hitting no mind games =) simple.dont break ur toys and they wont get taken away.

Jeremy Ferguson Jfb

Man my son is exactly the same way. He destroys his stuff when he gets in trouble and most of the stuff he destroys is his toys that he enjoys. I don't understand this behavior. My son Phealon LOVES legos as well and can build some amazing things. His thing right now is Star Wars ships. He builds them with what legos he has and they actually LOOK like what he says they are. My question to you is. What can I do about his destruction of his toys? He loves them and he feels really bad about it when he realizes he broke them,


@proffymommySo awesome! Love the view in black-and-white where we can see the jets in the back. Very cool!

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I LOVE this lego creation !  I never really played legos as a kid, but it looks like I really missed out on a great creative and challenging activity !  This young man has found a way to exercise his brain and his creative instincts, and produced something that he can really be proud of !


ronnieyounglopez thank you very much.  He’s awesome at Legos.  🙂

Dee Jacobs Brake

that is awesome. i love legos. keep sharing these awesome creations Gavin, because they are really cool. my twins are having a birthday party on Saturday. and know what the theme is? it is LEGO. and LEGO PIRATES i wish you could make me some cool masterpieces to display for the party like a big ship.

Patsy Nape

You did an awesome job on your ship.It looks like a real one. The colors are very nice.

Shawna Marie via Fac

I wish Lego land give out free passes 🙂 I been praying that I could take my son. My son has millions.

Jen Buttermore via F

that is so cool gavin!!! youre a smart guy!!

Michelle Capasso Sla

Very COOL Gavin!!

Bas Koene via Facebo

LEGO is the best toy ever invented.

Holly Martin via Fac

Wow that's fantastic! Well done Gavin, definitely got an engineer in the making there! 🙂 How old is Gavin now, if you don't mind me asking? He looks so grown up! A young man now by the looks of things and from what I can tell looks rather like his Dad too. Doe's he just go off and create these things or does he have any input from you and Lizzie? I'm well impressed with this creation it looks very complex! 🙂

Annette Brief Spence

That is awesome. I absolutley love legos. That is when I can actually see my son using his imagination and see him concentrate!

Sarah Hansford via F

I love Lego! Hoping my kids get into it. Theyre stuck on Angry Birds at the moment…


Love it! Plus he's a man after my own heart as it has perfect symmetry down the middle. 🙂

Grandma G.

Another great creation, Gavin! Maybe years ( since you are only twelve!) down the road, we may see one of your designs on the front of a Lego box:-)


Awesome Job, Gavin! Maybe he'll design jets & airplanes when he grows up 🙂

Amy Knox

I think you have a future engineer on your hands! Great job Gavin !

Lynda Hadsell

It's wonderful! Reminds me of the things my son would build. Thank you for sharing the pictures of yours, Gavin. It brought a smile to my face!


So awesome! Love the view in black-and-white where we can see the jets in the back. Very cool!

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