#Autism, Anxiety and Risperdal -

#Autism, Anxiety and Risperdal

Hey folks,  I wanted to update you on how Elliott is doing so far on the Risperdal.  He has had his second dose this morning and seems to be tolerating it very well,  at least thus far.

The reality is that he is on a very low dose,  especially when compared to Gavin.  Gavin maxed out at 8mg/day and it barely took the edge off.  While Elliott, one the other hand, is on .5mg/day.  Gavin was on Risperdal for a very different reason than Elliott is now. 

Hopefully,  this will continue to be tolerated well,  and Elliott’s extreme anxiety can be reduced to just anxiety.  I’m realistic about this and am only hoping for improvement and not perfection. 

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as time goes on.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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