The next 10 days…

Last night Emmett woke up in pain once again.  It appears as though he has hit another cycle as his mouth is breaking out in cold sores. 

I also mentioned that this could last the next 10 days. 

That got me thinking about what the next 10 days has in store for the Lost and Tired family.

Last night,  Elliott began talking Risperdal for his anxiety.  We have no idea if he will react the same way to Risperdal as he did Zoloft.  His previous reaction was indicative of bipolar disorder.  Hopefully,  it was just a freaking reaction and don’t continue down the path to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

We should know pretty quick if the Risperdal is going to help him or instead,  make things worse.

In Thursday,  Lizze will undergo a procedure called a headache infusion. Her last one was about a year ago.  Basically,  she will spend Thursday and Friday at the neurologist.  They will have her hooked up to an IV and she will be receiving hardcore narcotics, among other medications,  in an attempt to break her month old migraine. 

This will basically zombify her for the following days and into this weekend. Hopefully,  she can get some much needed relief from this migraine that just won’t go away.

This means that I’ll be on my own for the next few days. I’ll be real honest,  I’m gonna need all the help I can get because Elliott and Emmett on a good day is challenging enough. Now we have Elliott starting new meds and Emmett starting a new cycle.  They are gonna be at each other’s throats.

Once we make it through the weekend,  next week isn’t any better.  Elliott and Gavin both will be at the neurologist getting the results from last week’s EEG.

Gavin also has an antibody infusion as well. 

I have no idea what shape Elliott,  Emmett and Lizze will be in as Monday rears it’s ugly head. 

This could prove to be on of our most challenging weeks in recent memory. However,  despite all the stress this next week or so will bring with it,  I’m gonna try to make the best of it. 

Thoughts and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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