Is it bedtime yet… about now?

Is it bedtime yet… about now?

I’m the kind of person that’s likes to take advantage of every moment with my kids. Their only little for a short time..right? 

Having said that,  if I could fast forward to bedtime tonight I would…  Elliott and Gavin are doing pretty well but Emmett is impossible right now.  I don’t know what has gotten into him but whatever it was must have been laced with hyperactivity,  defiance,  aggression and a pinch of crazy.

He is just all over the place and it seems as though he enjoys wreaking havoc on every one in the house.

In reality,  he’s getting a reaction from the boys and that’s the pay off for him.  No matter how many times I explain to the boys,  especially Elliott,  not to react,  they never seem to catch on.

Right now,  Emmett begins a chain reaction that ends with Elliott freaking out,  Gavin melting down and Lizze and I looking for the closest circus that we can both run away to. 

I just need to make it 2 hours.  That’s it,  just 2 hours.  When I say it out loud like that it doesn’t seem so bad.  However,  in real life,  it swear to God the clock is rolling backwards………

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I have SO been there. I know how it feels to have every minute feel like it is an hour. Bed time will come eventually!

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