#Autism, Seizures and EEG's -

#Autism, Seizures and EEG’s

You may recall that Elliott and Gavin both had EEG’s done a couple of weeks ago. If you remember that,  then you may also remember that we have been waiting for the results.

Tomorrow morning,  the wait will finally be over.

On Tuesday of this week, we will once again return Akron Children’s Hospital,  Neurological clinic. We will receive the results of the previous testing.

Both Gavin and Elliott have had suspicious episodes.  We do have epilepsy in the family and so we wanted to make sure everything was okay.  It’s been a very long couple of weeks,  especially when waiting for answers.

My hope is that we will walk away from this appointment,  knowing more about what’s going on than we knew previously. 
Right now, we don’t know to much,  so the bar isn’t set very high…….

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Kristy Wessels

Well how did the boys EEG’s turn out ?
Were the tests conclusive enough ?
Unfortunately the name of your blog Dad is very true .
Looking forward to the results either way your family needs some clarity .
Kristy W

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