Today’s gone straight down the crapper

All I managed to accomplish was getting the boys to school and Gavin to physical therapy. 

Shortly after Gavin and I got home, I got a call from the school that Emmett was sick and I needed to come get him. 


His issues were umm…intestinal in nature, if you get my drift. 

Apparently there’s a stomach bug going around the school that starts out like this and ends in vomiting. For those that don’t know, I hate vomiting.  It doesn’t matter if it’s me or my kids. 

It’s kinda crazy because as a medic, I’ve seem things that most couldn’t even begin to imagine and I’m okay with that. Vomiting is just not my thing. 

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Anyway, when the kids get sick like this, I get paranoid and will start feeling like I need to puke.

Thankfully, Emmett hasn’t progressed that far and with any luck, he won’t. 

It sucks because we missed a few appointments today but whatcha gonna do…

My Mom was able to pick Elliott up from school and brought him home. I did notice that she stayed in the car and didn’t come in for a visit…  lol 

I’m praying for an uneventful evening that will find Emmett sleeping, puke free, all through the night. 

The school said that this is a 12 hour thing and if he’s not puking by tonight, he’s probably not going to.  This of course, assumes that Emmett has what everyone else does. 

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I would definitely appreciate your warm, puke free thoughts tonight for my little Emmett. 

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