Did I do something wrong?

Did I do something wrong?

There are times,  like today mind you,  that I feel like I’ve done something wrong.  You know,  like in a previous life or something.

The reason I say that is because for the past few hours Emmett has been screaming and I mean SCREAMING.  I know he doesn’t feel well,  that’s obvious,  but goddamit is he difficult right now.

He’s being super picky about everything and if it’s even the tiniest bit imperfect,  all hell breaks loose.

As the day goes on,  I’m feeling crappier and crappier.  Ergo,  I’m able to tolerate less and less. The cough medicine with codeine I got today is sounding better and better.  I’m trying to avoid taking it because the kids are still sick and we need to go anywhere in the middle of the night,  I need to be able to drive.

Right now though,  I just want to make the noise stop. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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