What do you do when the kids are gone?

What do you do when the kids are gone?

The boys have left to spend the night with their grandparent’s. That’s a pretty awesome thing because Lizze and I are feeling burnt-out.

I was thinking that we would go do something but Lizze is in too much pain to really go anywhere. Even if she could, I’m not sure what we would do. Nothing really sounds super exciting and I’m not feeling up to walking today.

There is a Chipotle gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe we’ll grab some dinner and shut ourselves in for the night.

The bottomline is that we have time to ourselves. That doesn’t happen very often and I want to make the most out of it cause we need to recharge our batteries while they’re gone.

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People who are healthy and relatively normal would have a hard time relating. But when your money is tight, and people you love are physically incapable then you look to do what makes you happy. Being together and eating a special meal counts.

Stacy Thompson

whatever fills you back up! first, I sleep. If there is more time, then we go out – parks, movie,… https://t.co/2D5JGTALjo

Rachel Veres

My son just came back from a 2 week stay at respite. Hubs & I recharged, slept, dated, yes dated an… https://t.co/tTDHwGvfiz

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