I'm sorry I haven't been around but there's a good reason for it -

I’m sorry I haven’t been around but there’s a good reason for it

I’m going to bed really early, at least for me but I wanted to play a quick game of catch-up first.  

The boys all went to school today. I only say that because Emmett was home with a fever yesterday.  Gavin spent the morning and early afternoon with my Mom because I had some things to do today.  

There are some things going on in our lives right now that I haven’t spoken about yet because it’s not the right time and I’m not sure how I want to approach this.  It’s pretty consuming right now and my goal is to share more next week when it’s a better time.  

Emmett is very focused on this whole year of the cicada thing and is collecting all the cicada shells he can find.  The forest at the park, behind the Garden Center proved to be a treasure trove of cicada shells.  
Our trip was cut short by both rain and extremely aggressive mosquitoes.

I got the boys to bed but found Emmett sleeping in mine once again.  I’ve figured out a way to get him back into the top bunk, without waking him up.  It’s not easy but it’s better than listening to him grinding his teeth all night and with my back out, I really need my bed to myself.  

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the school year and I’ll be so happy when they’re home full time.  

I know that’s going to be exhausting but school is so fricking stressful for these guys, even though they love school.  Anything that stresses them out inevitably trickles down to me and makes life much more difficult. 

With all that said, I’m going to sign off for today and hopefully be in a better place to write tomorrow…  

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