I just can't take it tonight -

I just can’t take it tonight

I love Gavin,  I truly do.  But I swear to God,  if I have to keep repeating myself,  I’m going to take a vow of silence. I mean,  I might as well because all I’m doing anymore is repeating the somethings,  over and over again.

We just experienced another Gavin meltdown tonight.  This time it was because Gavin was housing around with Emmett and Emmett got hurt. 

You may recall that we had to put the Gavin doesn’t touch anyone without permission or supervision.  If you don’t remember,  we have had problems with…um…boundaries. These issues resulted in having to institute a rule that Gavin is to make no physical contact with other people without first getting permission from that person.  In the case of his brothers,  the same applies only my wife or I need to supervise. 

It’s just one of those unpleasant but necessary evils we have to deal with right now.

Tonight,  Gavin was giving his brothers piggy back rides,  which he knows he’s not supposed to be doing.  The way he was doing it put the boys at risk of having their shoulders dislocated.

Emmett ended up falling and getting hurt,  which is what brought this to our attention.  When we sat Gavin down to talk to him about this,  he was very,  very uncooperative.  I reminded him of the rule,  which is a zero tolerance thing,  and is in place with the support of the doctors and therapists.

He wouldn’t answer our questions and just began freaking out. 

I cut the whole thing short and just gave him oatmeal for dinner.  That further agitated him but only because he was being held accountable for his actions. I’ve already had a rather crappy day and I just don’t have the patience for this tonight.  Otherwise I might have let this play out a bit longer and tried to get more information. 

However,  he was cooperating and I just don’t have the patience tonight.

I do have to give Gavin credit because the meltdown didn’t last very long and that is only because he chose to get himself under control.  Good for him.  I know that it’s not easy being him and if I have to find the positive tonight,  it’s that Gavin made a great choice to not make things worse for himself.

Great job Gavin and please remember that tomorrow is a new day and a clean slate.  🙂

Goddamit,  am I friggin’ exhausted. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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