Autonomic Crisis Update: 09/01/2012

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I wanted to take a minute and update you all on how Gavin is doing,  health wise. Since tightly controlling his fluid intake and starting his new meds,  Gavin seems to be a bit more stable.

I’m very,  very cautiously optimistic because these things have a tendency to sorta pop up unexpectedly. 

There’s no way to know for sure if things are actually better of if he simply isn’t having any issues at the moment. It should be noted that his heart rate is still to high. With that said, he hasn’t been nauseous since Thursday and hasn’t experienced chest pain since then either.

He also didn’t have any tantrums yesterday.  Perhaps that’s why he felt so well. 

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Thank goodness he is feeling and doing better. Both my boys with autoimmune disease have way less tantrums when they are healthy and well too. I hope the docs have found the right med combo for him. 


Glad to hear he's stable.  In my search for more information on my daughter's automonic crisis I found this website&nbsp ;  Hope it helps