Today’s Victory: Overcoming fears

Today’s Victory: Overcoming fears

Today was major victory for my little Elliott Richard.  However,  before I get into that,  I need to share how Daddy screwed up.

I mentioned before about summer vacation starting.  Well,  it is starting,  just not yet. For whatever reason,  I thought today was Elliott’s last day of school.  However,  as it turns out,  the last day is Thursday.

Today was the field trip to the recreation center. There was to be swimming,  games and lots of other types of fun. The school wanted to reward the kids for having such an awesome school year. You may recall however,  that Elliott didn’t want to go because he hates the water.

I had told him that he can choose to go or stay home and start his vacation early. However,  when I said that,  I was thinking today was his last day of school and it wasn’t.

That actually changed everything. He really needed to go and we had a big long talk about it.

In the end,  Elliott went in the field trip,  which I think is so awesome because he gets to spend the day,  just being a kid. I’m so proud of him and grateful that the school was so flexible with him.  They explained everything to him and told him he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to.

While,  at this point,  I still don’t know how the day went,  I’m confident that he had lots of fun.

Having said all that,  I’m awarding a Today’s Victory to one Elliott Richard. He went on his field trip,  even though he was scared.  That takes a lot of guts and I’m extremely proud of him for that.  🙂

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