Lost and Tired, overwhelmed and STRESSED

Lost and Tired, overwhelmed and STRESSED

One of the things that I know a lot of people don’t get,  is the sheer amount of stress that can go along with special needs parenting.

I’m only speaking for myself I this particular case but I’m sure my words echo that of many others. 

One of the biggest issues that I face,  while trying to keep that Lost and Tired family moving forward,  is stress.  I’m not talking about stress,  I’m talking about STRESS. I mean the kind of stress that can’t be measured by any traditional scale.

I have had countless doctors and or therapists ask me how I do it.  How do I manage to survive in this amount of constant,  unending and ever growing amount of stress. 

There have been studies done that show a parent raising an autistic child,  is under the same amount or level of stress as a combat soldier.  Having never been a member of the military,  I can’t say whether that’s accurate or not.  What I can say is that as a former fire fighter and paramedic, there are days that I would much rather be running into a burning house. 

Maybe that sounds dramatic,  but it can truly be so stressful for me at times,  that I would rather be doing anything else.

The really sad or scary part is that I don’t even realize how stressed out I am because this is all I know.  Being under this amount of stress and pressure for so long has really desensitized me to what it feels like to be this stressed out.  It just feels normal to me. I know that sounds weird but it is what it is.

As I’m writing this,  I have had one of the worst days that I can remember.  I’m still trying to remain positive but after awhile,  being positive becomes more and more difficult.

Putting aside,  for just a second,  all the medical conditions I’m trying to manage, I have no idea how I’m going to keep my family moving forward. It’s like,  every single day is hidden behind a curtain and I have no idea what I will be facing and the curtain is raised on that particular day.

It could be a new medical crisis,  perhaps we’ll lose another utility because I can’t keep up with all the expenses. 

Regardless of whatever comes our way,  I have to figure out how to deal with whatever it is. My wife and I are a great team,  without her,  I might not survive the stress. Failure is never an option,  we have to much riding us surviving to fight another.

I have no idea how the single parents do this. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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As a veteran and now an Army wife , AND mother to an Autistic child, I can tell you that having to leave her back in 2008 to be away from her during my deployment was EASIER than what I have been going through with her since I came back home. I never thought in a million years that i would feel that way. I never had to engage the enemy, there were some scary moments, but I'm fighting at home every moment of every day. You be encouraged. I always keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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