The Amazing Reason My Kids and I Were Just Invited to Orlando, Florida

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This is really exciting and frankly, I’m still processing it. DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld has invited me and my kids to visit and experience their hotel, as well as their new, Autism-friendly accommodations. Apparently they reached out because of who I am and the work I’ve been doing in the Autism community. Frankly, I was caught off guard by this and it’s taking some time to wrap my head around. As I’m thinking about this though, I’m realizing that it’s an amazing opportunity to experience and evaluate, first hand, the accommodations made for Autistic people and their families. It would also be an opportunity to show my readers, followers, and listeners, that while it doesn’t always feel like it, the world is becoming more inclusive. There are places where Autistic people and their families are better understood, accepted and accommodated.

I’m still trying to process this and I have a lot to think about but I’ll be back with more information as I maul this over. Until then, I wanted to share their official press release and give you an idea of what an Autism Certification is and what it means for Autistic people, as well as families like mine. I applaud DoubleTree for pursuing this and seeking to become more inclusive to those in the Autism community. I also appreciate the opportunity and I’m anxious to learn more.

Stay Tuned.

Below you can find the official press release.

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld is among the first to earn Autism Certification.

This designation is granted by the International Board  of  Credentialing  and  Continuing  Education  Standards  (IBCCES)  and  ensures  staff  have  the best  training  to  provide  guests  with  autism,  or  other  sensory  needs,  an  experience  tailored  to  their needs.  DoubleTree  by  Hilton  at  SeaWorld  joins  their  neighboring  partners  and  fellow  Certified Autism  Centers  SeaWorld®  Orlando,  Aquatica  Orlando  and  Discovery  Cove  to  become  an inclusive  destination  for  all.   Families  with  children  on  the  autism  spectrum  often  face  hurdles  when  it  comes  to  planning  for  a vacation, or weekend  getaway, due  to  sensory  needs, dietary  restrictions,  and  safety  concerns. The  DoubleTree  by  Hilton  Orlando  at  SeaWorld  priority  is  creating  meaningful  moments  to  make guests  feel  special,  and  the  CAC  designation  aligns  seamlessly  with  this  commitment.  

See official press release below

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