Whooping cough reaches epidemic proportions

This post is not intended to start an argument but instead bring us all together so help solve a serious problem.  Parents shouldn’t be judged for either vaccinating or choosing not to vaccinate.  Instead of fighting,  perhaps we could work together to find solutions to these vaccine related concerns.

The truth is that some kids are seriously injured by vaccines.  However,  not vaccinating your child does not guarantee protection from Autism.  While I don’t personally believe vaccines are related to Autism,  I respect that others parents do.

We must work out a way to keep our kids safe…..period.  Right now we have Autism and very serious,  preventable diseases on the rise.  Something needs to happen and there is clearly not perfect solution.  However,  I think it’s good to have a dialog.  We all want what’s best for our kids.  However,  what’s best isn’t always cut and dry.

This is why we need to find a better way.  By choosing not to vaccinate your child,  you could be putting them and risk for very preventable diseases like whooping cough.

Children without vaccines are being diagnosed with #Autism as well.

We need to work together to keep our children and society safe.  This means if the vaccine schedule needs adjusted or overhauled,  than so be it. I think it’s better that vaccines be delayed or broken up than simply avoided. 

While we have chosen to vaccinate our kids,  we have talked about breaking up or even delaying vaccines at times and our doctors have been very supportive. 
Talk to your pediatrician and be honest about your concerns.  If they’re good at their job,  they will take you seriously and help you work out a schedule that will be as safe and affective for your child as possible.

I’m a firm believer that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are doing what they feel in their hearts is best for their child. They aren’t  malicious and should not be treated as such. 

Having said that, we need to work with medical professionals to find better way to administer these necessary disease presenters. 

My heart goes out to all those children that have been injured by vaccines.  This does happen whether you believe it or not.  The number of injuries is small compared to the number of children vaccinated but each injury is tragic.  We must make every possible effort to ensure that vaccines are as safe as possible. We also need to make sure parents that are concerned enough to want to withhold vaccines known that they have options like breaking the vaccines up over time.

There is always the option to have your child’s antibody levels tested as we are doing with our middle child because of previous reactions to certain vaccines.  If they have the antibodies present than the vaccine or booster might be safely avoided.

The bottom line is that the world is facing a very serious situation as more and more diseases,  once all but eradicated, are mounting a come back. Some are reaching epidemic proportions. Clearly something has to change.  What that change needs to be isn’t that cut and dry.

All I know for sure is that we are currently doing is not working. 

This is Autism Aware message month and what better time to reach across the table and join hands with those on the other side. We could do so much more for our kids by standing united instead of being divided by the great vaccine debate.

This is a link to a new story out about Whooping cough reaching epidemic proportions in Washington state.

Washington has whooping cough ‘epidemic’

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