#Autism, Seizures and EEG’S: When it’s not seizures

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In some incredible,  bizarre twist of fate,  the doctor met with Lizze just a few minutes ago and told her that it turns out Elliott is not,  I repeat,  NOT having seizures…At least not during this test.

He explained that what was happening was not seizures but instead Elliott’s body expending excess energy. That’s what is likely causing the shaking and tremors as well. 

What I don’t know is whether or not the results of the original EEG still mean anything? There was spikes in the electrical activity in his brain. That’s was created the need for the second, longer EEG in the first place.

Lizze is finding out about the seizure activity from the first EEG because we want to make sure that we fully understand what’s happening.

They are being released early and should be on their way home shortly. This is really good news.  The doctor wants to see Elliott in 3 months to follow up.  This is where the good news ends.

He said he wanted to see Gavin much sooner.. Gavin is definitely having seizures and we need to get to bottom of what’s going on.

I pass along the information as it comes in.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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