How our child with#Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder reacts to shoes and socks (Audio) 

I’m sharing this with my readers for one singular purpose. I want to help raise awareness for kids/people with invisible challenges, such as sensory processing disorder, as well as what their parents/caregivers experience. 

I’ve spoken countless times about how we struggle when it comes to getting Emmett dressed and ready for school. I’ve provided direct insight, so you can experience for yourself what this is like for us as parents.  

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Before you listen to this recording, please keep in mind that this is in no way an attempt to keep from having to go to school. One of the reasons Emmett gets so frustrated is because he desperately wants to be at school but can’t tolerate the clothes required for him to leave the house sometimes, especially in the winter. 

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This recording may get very loud, so be sure to turn your volume down. Also, this particular event was over shoes and socks.