What’s worse than 1 child with mouth sores?

What’s worse than 1 child with mouth sores?  How about someone else getting them as well.  As you may recall,  Emmett has a fever disorder that goes by the acronym PFAPA.  It’s not very common and causes Emmett to run a fever for about 10 days every 3 weeks.

Along with the fever, he also gets really horrible mouth sores.

We have been told that these sores are contagious and we have been told that they aren’t contagious.  So we have just assumed they were contagious and we’re very careful during one of his flare ups.

These are herpes related at all,  like typical cold sores.  These are somehow tied to these fevers.

Up until now, we haven’t had any issues as far as these sores spreading to anyone else.. That was until about 30 minutes ago when we noticed more mouth sores had appeared in Emmett’s.  These sores showed up after his last dose of prednisone,  so there is nothing we can do for them.  

The problem is that Lizze now has the same mouth sores in her mouth. This likely occurred from Emmett sneaking a sip from her water bottle. 

I think that answers the question as to whether or not these are contagious.

Now the question becomes, WTF do we do about it? Emmett has been updated since about 4am this morning.  He took a really short nap but we knew something was going on.  We ended up canceling his therapies for today and tomorrow because we knew something was not right.

We thought he was actually getting sick and never thought the another cycle was kicking in.  This totally sucks and we are going to have to get him in to the doctors tomorrow.  I just don’t know which doctor.  We also need to discuss the whole contagious aspect of these mouth sores because that will play a huge role when school comes around. 

It’s only friggin Tuesday and we still have the rest of the week to go.  Sigh…

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Have you tried Acyclovir (zovirax) or Valtrex? I get hideous mouth sores – actually any mucous membrane is susceptible – from Lupus. I ALWAYS have a supply of these on hand as the sores sometimes spread and are hideously painful. Just an idea, I know it works like a charm for my weird autoimmune crap! Best of luck.


Oh man, I've had hand, foot and mouth disease and I feel for both of them. Is it possible for them to get a scrip for lidocaine to mix with water and gargle with it? That was the only way I could eat or drink for almost a week. Hope they both feel better soon.

Candace Candy-Lynn

ack! sores on the feet and hands too? or just the mouth. wondering if DD has coxsackie (hand, foot, mouth disease) which is terribly common in kids potty training age.

and IT is terribly contagious that also causes mouth sores. Kawasaki disease is another one. I have heard of a lot of things, but not PFAPA

Hugs to you…