Praying the @clevelandclinic can help my wife -

Praying the @clevelandclinic can help my wife

Lizze and I made it to the Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Center for Pain. We actually made it 10 minutes early and considering traffic, that’s a miracle.

Lizze and I have set a goal to find at least some answers but also some relief from her constant, crippling pain. We need to get the medication situation straightened out immediately.

Wish us luck but also know that she’s in good hands with the Cleveland Clinic.. ☺

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You’re lucky you are that close to the CC. I now go to a rheumatologist at UT Medical Center and I feel it is good. It’s just 60 miles away. Also had surgery @Parkview Regional campus and that is only 47 miles away. My next surgery will be 1 1/2 mile away so things are looking up.


@ClevelandClinic I saw this on your site and my first thought was medical cannabis. I know Ohio is…

Leslie B Ruthven

@ClevelandClinic Best wishes!

Cindy Jones

Hopefully them seeing her on such a bad day will be a blessing in disguise!

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