We once again need your prayers for Emmett

We once again need your prayers for Emmett

If you could please say a prayer for Emmett or just keep him in you thoughts I would really appreciate it.

I have been largely absent today because we had a situation with Emmett that sent us rushing off to Akron Children’s Hospital. I honestly don’t know what happened but it may have been seizure related.

This morning I told Emmett that I would take him and Mommy to this new frozen yogurt place called Menchies.  They are a self-serve yogurt bar and they have some dairy free options. This gives Emmett a chance to be a kid for a little while and go out and enjoy some ice cream.

We had planned on going after nap time and he was really excited.

I woke them up at the predetermined time so that we could go and be back in time to pick up the boys from school.

Emmett woke up and was fine.  However,  I walked out of the room for a few minutes and Lizze and Emmett had gone back to bed.  Lizze said that he wouldn’t let her get him dressed.

When I tried to talk to Emmett,  he wouldn’t respond. He was breathing funeral and his eyes were open but Emmett wasn’t there.  I know that sounds weird but I don’t know how else to explain it.  We tried more aggressive approaches to get him to respond and nothing worked.

He was catatonic and this has never happened to him before.

Lizze and I started to panic because we had no idea what was wrong but we knew something was not right. His vitals were stable so I didn’t feel his life was in eminent danger.  Having said that,  it was like someone had flipped a switch and turned him off.

We continued to try to wake him for lack of a better word but nothing worked.

We tried bribing him with things that he would normally go nuts over and he still wouldn’t respond. I carried him downstairs and by that time we were already making arrangements to get him to the hospital.

It was so weird because he was physically awake but everything that was Emmett was turned off and no longer present. Honestly,  this hit really hard because this is the age the Gavin regressed and we lost the child we knew. I have lived in constant fear of that same thing happening to the other boys and today played those fear like a fiddle.

Eventually,  he started to speak one word.  He said no after Bella had been licking him for a few minutes.  She was clearly worried about him as well because she stuck right by him the whole time.

We decided to load him up and take him to Akron Children’s Hospital and if he snapped out of it than we would reevaluate things then.

Lizze managed to get him dressed and out the door and as we were in our way he sorta snapped out of it. I’m telling you it was the weirdest thing.  In all my years as a paramedic, I had never seen a kid do something like that.

We decided to call the neurologist and seek advice.  They want him seen tomorrow and they said the doctor may send us straight to the hospital to have an EEG done. I don’t know if that means 24 hour or just the regular one but that’s were we stand.

The number one suspicion right now is seizures and they want him seen for that. Whatever it was has passed and he’s doing better-ish.  He off right now but I don’t know if it’s overstimulation from spring break or the fact that this is the second week that he hasn’t had therapy.

Either way,  tomorrow is once again put on hold for a medical mystery and everything else will have to be back burnered.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  I really appreciate it.  This was a really scary event and I would like to get to the bottom of it if we can.

Posted from WordPress for Android so please forgive any typos as auto-correct and I don’t see eye to eye. 🙂

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Mariella Pregliasco

no maater if with a T or two… 😀

Mariella Pregliasco

Emmet is always in my prayers – and in my heart. Lots of love your way. He is a little warrior, he'll get over this in no time…

Onyx Panthyr

Prayers to you guys. :/


Will say a prayer, and hope that you figure out what happened today….


Praying for all of you! What a scary situation – I'm glad the neuro is taking it seriously and will take a look tomorrow. Please keep us updated!
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Thinking of you all.


Did he have a seizure? That is immediately what I thought when I read the first part. I will keep him and the rest of your family in my pratyer. JS

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