The ever changing plans -

The ever changing plans

As soon many of you out there can relate to, the Lost and Tired family never makes plans because life is a moving target.  We are constantly having to change and adjust because with 3 special needs boys and a disabled wife, something always seems to come up.

Today has been no exception.

Lizze was supposed to have PT this morning and my mom was going to hang out with Emmett.

I was supposed to be at Akron Children’s Hospital all day with Gavin as he received his 11th antibody infusion.  I think it’s his 11th, they have all blurred together now.  When he was done we had to go straight to Dr.  Reynolds for an emergency psychiatric appointment. 

However,  instead of that happening we had to change plans.

Lizze wouldn’t have been able to handle Emmett today as she is in pretty rough shape. PT for her had to be canceled and it was decided that I would stay home with the walking handful himself,  Emmett John.

Flexibility and a willingness to accept that things won’t always work is so important.

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       -Lost and Tired

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