#Autism: PT and foot and ankle problems

#Autism: PT and foot and ankle problems

I wanted to update everyone on Gavin’s foot and ankle issues.  I spoke with his PT yesterday and we got a referral to an orthopedic specialist.  We need to get that appointment made today.

However,  on the positive side. Yes you heard correctly,  I said positive side

Basically,  Gavin naturally walks on the inside of his feet,  however,  now he’s walking on outside of his feet.  The bones in his feet are actually shifting and he has these bony knobby type things on the outside of his feet as a result. 

The orthopedic specialist will know if anything needs to be done about that.  However,  we’re thinking that Gavin will likely only need special inserts for his shoes.

That would be friggin awesome if that’s the case.  Something with Gavin may actually have a simple fix.  My fingers are totally crossed,  hoping this turns out to be the case. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I have an autistic grandson, he has sever problems with his feet rolling inward.  I am wondering if this is common in autistic children.  The reason I ask is I also have a very dear friend age 39 that is “special”  for lack of a better term. He was raised by an elderly grandmother and has no diagnosis.  But he also displays the same problem my grandson does with his feet.


Nanaladawn it is common to have low muscle tone and loose joints.


I hope that all works out for your son. My son also has problems with his feet. His feet are so flat (severe pes planus) and he walks on some of the bones that are supposed to be on the top of his feet. He had surgery on both legs when he was very young, supposedly to prepare him for foot surgery. The doctor ended up extending his muscles too far in his legs and he has weak muscles now. He has been to the Shriner's for the past few years. I don't know if you have shriners where you are, but they don't charge anything for their services and they provided his inserts as well.

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