#Autism question of the day: 04/24/2012

For my newer readers this is a post where I ask an #Autism related question a you answer,  ya know,  if you feel like it 🙂

This is something we do just about every day in the #Autism Help forums.  People seem to really enjoy it.  🙂

What do you find me the most challenging about raising a child with #Autism? Likewise, what do you find the most rewarding?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Amanda Artratius

Most challenging thing is that the world has no understanding of AS. Also that most support pages (like this one) are tagged with the word "KId" and "Parenting" and it makes people on the spectrum feel unwelcome.
especially the adults with AS.


The most challenging thing at the moment with my 18 yr old Aspie son is that since he just turned the big 18, he feels as if no one can ever tell him what to or not to do again! He is very literal, so everyone knows that 18 is an adult! lol Well, this "adult" would never take a bath or brush his teeth, clean up after himself, or move off the couch if not told to do so! Rages are worse as well.

Rewarding…..the moments that are very few and far between when he tells me how very much he loves me and that I am the best mom ever. (we won't dwell on the fact that he tells me that when he has gotten his way..lol)


Hello, I found this blog today and was instantly drawn to it. The most challenging aspect of raising my son is school. We cannot find a public school to meet his needs and it feels hopeless. Second challenge is helping his “neurotypical” sister cope day to day. She is living in an unpredictable environment and she is angry about it.
The reward of raising an autistic son is his creativity and intelligence. He amazes us with his stories and drawings.


Most challenging as of right now are her behaviors and defiance. Its like the second we tell her to do/not to do something, that is IMMEDIATELY what she does/doesn't do. Its very purposeful. If she can't have access to something, that is the only thing she will think about and ask for for the next few days. If she doesn't get her way we have to deal with ignoring the screaming and self-mutilation (aka ripping chunks of her own hair out). She can be very violent for a 2 year old and often thrashes everything in sight when she is upset. Special note: no she does not care how expensive the computer is, just move it because it is fair game if it is in reach.

The most rewarding aspect is the fact that everyone acknowledges how intelligent she is. She is one determined and smart little creature. The kid knows things. She knows how to execute genius plans, like watching a video of herself and then recreating the entire scene to perfection, wearing the same clothes, bringing out the same items and acting out the same events she just watched herself doing. She knows her entire alphabet, loves being read to, knows practically every animal and sound they make and knows how to read others' behavior with great precision, executing a perfect response. The last is a strange gift for an autistic child to have, but all her therapists call her the little behaviorist because you can't get anything past her. Being so proud of her gifts is the greatest reward, because she truly is a special and very unique little human. Oh and also her hugs and kisses. Gotta love getting hugs and kisses from your baby. Its how you know you're doing something right!
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Most challenging? The fact that it NEVER SEEMS TO STOP. Little monkey girl is constantly into something. Lately, with nice weather, my middle son is spending loads of time outside, which means we have to leave the door unlocked for him to get back in. We live in the forest, in the mountains, and, wildlife being what it is, he may need to get inside in a hurry. But if he can get in, Missy can get out. And so, for the last couple of weeks, she is constantly making a break for it, dashing outside, and slipping across the street, or down the path to the river with me chasing after her. It's exhausting, and sometimes, I just want to be able to make a meal or put away a load of laundry without having her taking off on me. My son is too young to be able to quickly use a key in the door, so we just have to be vigilant to make sure she isn't on the lam.

Most rewarding? All of the gains she is making lately, at 6 years old, learning to type correctly spelled words into ProLoQuo to request things, and (FINALLY!) pointing to family members and saying their names. And then having the staff from her treatment program tell us we are doing everything right, giving her the tools she needs to make these gains.


Most challenging? when he gets stuck on a thought and cannot move forward. One thought or action consumes him until (whatever) comes along to change it. Most rewarding? when he accomplishes something really difficult, like singing in the class concert without flipping out! Most of it is fun, with a few REALLY HARD SPOTS!


Great answer. Thank you