#Autism and Seizures: 04/25/2012

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We will once again be returning to the neurologist at Akron Children’s Hospital,  this time for Gavin.

You may recall that Gavin has been having absent seizures.  They are triggered by sleep, hyperventilation and lights. I don’t know how we can avoid those things. 

Anyway,  we are going to discuss how his current meds,  at their current dose,  aren’t working. They other thing on the agenda is an extended VEEG. The neurologist has said that Gavin needs to have at least a 48 hour VEEG. Basically,  Gavin would move into the hospital for 2 days and be hooked up to the leads and monitored for seizure activity. 

We are suspecting they also happen in his sleep because he’s been wetting the bed and that is not normal for him.

Of course,  that could also be the result of the other neurological things going on right now. Either way,  we aim to find some answers. 

Wish us luck.  Oh…and wish my Mom luck because she will have Emmett.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Good luck to you all.


My Gavin has been having these weird staring spells that his OT brought to my attention. It is as if he just goes somewhere else completely for several seconds at a time. Since he has had febrile seizures in the past, which scared me to my bones, these staring spells are concerning & makes me wonder about absent seizures. They occur most often during therapy sessions so I am not sure if he is just overwhelmed and is taking time to really focus and process things but it"s just so odd because he is even more unresponsive than usual and since he does not respond to his name addressing him makes no difference and sometimes snapping our fingers or waving our hands in front of his face/eyes inconsistently snaps him out of it & other times it has no effect. Hope you find the answers you are looking for to help your son.

Angela C.

forgive my ignorance, but what are absence seizures? What do they look like?


Hey Rob, my son's neurologist recently left Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to go to Akron Children's… She is AMAZING! Dr. Deborah Holder. My son had severe absence seizures – at one point 750 a day. She did everything in her power to "fix" him… I hope you can see her there, and I hope you can find some relief for his seizures. Good luck!