#Autism: When teachers are the bullies

I wanted to share this video with you all. This video is by a man named Stuart Chaifetz and is in response to to his son Akian being bullied by his teachers at school. This is so important to watch because Stuart is making this public in order to shine the spotlight on what is happening to kids with Autism while at school. Obviously not all teachers and schools are a problem but Stuarts story is not uncommon at all and that’s really sad.

Please watch and share this video and help Stuart in his quest to end bullying. He is handling this very, very well and with a great deal of tact and class, which is much more than these teachers involved deserve. I have crazy mad respect for Stuart because not only is he taking the high road but also holding those involved accountable for their actions. 

I don’t know Stuart Chaifetz personally, but I don’t have to know him to understand and support his cause. As many of you know, Gavin and Emmett’s experience with the public school system was very similar to what Akian was subjected to by his cruel and heartless teachers, especially in Gavin’s case. This is very personal to me and I think it’s an eye opener to all parents, teachers and anyone that considers themselves a human being.

This type of cruelty is absolutely unacceptable and anyone involved in such abuse of children with special needs should not only be ashamed of themselves but also be prosecuted. That’s just my personal opinion.

Please watch and share. Below, please find all of Stuarts information.

Please follow Stuarts story on Facebook: ——-> NoMoreTeacherBullies

Sign the petition: ———–> Petition 

Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher and Aide

[youtube width=”720″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfkscHt96R0[/youtube]


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Yeah my teachers yell extra loud to me I have ADHD, OCD, and Asprger's


Why should teachers be concerned about parents watching them do their job? If they are doing it correctly, they have nothing to worry about.

Erik van Rossum

Let's put it like this-
This is a discussion that only gets started by way of this kind of incidents and that in the developments could see far further reaching implications than just within the confines of these incidents.

I had to split up this one comment into 3 separate ones.
I hope I still make sence…

Erik van Rossum

Yes , is several ways this is good, for shown reasons- parents can protect their kids better. And with special needs kids, parents can help the teacher and at the same time be educated far beter in the needs of their kids so they can be better parents, so they can do more for their kids. The network of care around the kid can be more efficient.
It is my guess that this development could even prompt new forms of class and lessons that we cannot even think of now.

But this also can have some disadvantages.
As a teacher, instead of being able to just do your job, now you are watched critically by at least as many parents as there are kids in your class. This can put extra strain on your shoulders. Being looked on your fingers with every move you make is not always ideal for doing a good job.
Also, childeren not in any case do only benefit from knowing that their parents are there 24/7- some times it can be very healthy for the development of the child to be cut off from the parents if only for a few hours, how ever bad this can feel for both the caring parents as for the child who feels pain, sad for being separated from the parents.

Erik van Rossum

The times, they are changing…
Don't get me wrong, I think cudo's to that dad.
But in a few years time we'll see that parents wil be looking over the shoulders of their kids 24/7 with small online cam's.
On the one obvious hand, this gives the here shown advantage that parents are up to date on what happens with their kids.
This will bring changes in the way class, teaching is done in school, because now the teacher will have to count in the presence of the concerned parents in the class.
Is this good?