It's been an okay day -

It’s been an okay day

The boys have been having a quiet morning. The stress level in the house is down a bit and we’re getting a breather.

Lizze is filling out all the paperwork for the boys and then I’ll get everything submitted.

As soon as the school gets the paperwork, the boys will get their schedules and their Chromebooks. Lizze and her mom will pick everything up and drop it off as soon as it’s ready. She wants to help and I’m grateful.

Elliott snuggling Ruby

Until we know more about Gavin’s situation, we are locking down even tighter.

Speaking of Gavin, I’ve not been able to get ahold of his immunologist all week. I’ve left messages and have not heard back. I hope everything is okay because they are in one of the COVID hot zones that Ohio is cultivating. In the interim, I’ve reached out to Gavin’s primary to see if she wants anything done right away or if she wants to wait for his immunologist to decide.

My main concern is immediate life threats. As long as we stay locked down, we can minimize any immunological risk.

As soon as I hear back from his doctor, I’ll be sure to drop an update.

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