Our week just got a bit more complicated

Our week just got a bit more complicated

One of the most critical things I have to do every single Monday is make sure Gavin’s blood work gets done. I mentioned that his Clozapine can be a nightmare and that timing is crucial.

We took Gavin for his blood work this morning, only to find the lab was closed. It hadn’t occurred to me that they would be closed on Labor Day. I guess I’ve not ever run into this before. This time last year, he was on a thirty day cycle and his blood work never fell on a holiday. When you have a thirty day window, it’s much easier to get things done.

Tomorrow morning I’m supposed to take Emmett for vaccines at the new Akron Children’s Hospital office. It happens to share a parking lot with the place Gavin has his labs drawn.

The tentative plan at this point is to drop Gavin off and take Emmett for his shots. I’ll park the car close to where Gavin will be so if he’s done before is, he can just wait in the car. I wouldn’t want him walking across the parking lot because that’s asking for trouble.

I suspect that Emmett will be done before Gavin is and we should actually beat him back to the car.

If Gavin’s having an off day, I can simply do his labs after Emmett’s appointment. They just have to be done tomorrow morning. There’s no way around that. If I can get them done at the same time, it’s ideal because I can get Emmett back to school earlier.

I suppose we’ll figure it all out in the morning.

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