#Autism: Seizures and 48hr EEG’s

Gavin has just about finished up his first 24 hours as well as Lizze‘s patience. He is treating the nurses like maids and is being very dramatic.

He has yet to have a seizure,  which is a good thing.  They said this was not about proving he has seizures (because we already know he is),  it’s about figuring out whether or not his meds are working. It’s looking as though they are.

I don’t know if they will cut the testing short yet. 

Lizze and I haven’t been away from each other for 2 days since my days as a paramedic. It’s really strange not having her here.  Gavin would be in school right now so it’s not a huge difference.

Aside from Gavin‘s demanding and dramatic ways,  he’s constantly having to go to the bathroom.  We don’t know what’s that’s all about but it’s a huge ordeal when hooked up to countless wires and tethered to a computer by your head.
I’m not sure who’s more tired,  me or Lizze.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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