I have a confession to make: 05/02/2012

A few weeks ago,  the Easter Bunny brought the kids these plastic hollow animals,  filled with these tiny little candy balls.  When you push down on the head,  the animal poops out the candy into an Easter basket.

I’m not sure what the Easter Bunny was thinking but I would guess it had something to be really tired and stressed out.  Perhaps a little Lost and Tired.  😉

I hate these stupid things. The head of the animals makes this constant noise.  In the case of the cow featured in this post,  it would moo constantly.  They are touch sensitive and so the damn thing would go off every time the boys would run around the house.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I snapped. That goddamn cow would not stop mooing and Emmett has been carrying this thing around,  constantly asking if he can eat the cows poop.

I have been listening to that friggin cow for days now and I had all I could take. 

This evening,  I’m ashamed to say,  I did something about it. Emmett brought the cow with him to Dr. Patti tonight.  As he was getting into his car seat the cows head fell off.  I buckled Emmett in and snatched up the cows head,  which was mooing incessantly. 

I covered the speaker up with my hand and snuck it out of the van.  I hopped into the drivers seat and we were on our way. 

As we were driving to the appointment,  all the bad news of today and the stress of everything else finally broke me.  I rolled down my window and I waited for the perfect opportunity.  I chose my moment and I threw that goddamn cows head out the window and watched it bounce off the pavement and was eventually smash by a truck tire.

I will never hear that annoying and endless moo ever again.

Sometimes I have one of these moments and I freak out and kill an annoying plastic cow.  That’s pretty normal….right?


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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hoops, that bad Easter Bunny would be me…. sorry! You know , if it makes you feel any better, the darn chick or duck or whatever it was, was chirping at me all the way home from Cincinnati, and yes, I wanted to throw it out of the car too! Especially since I had tried a Filipino specialty down there called Balut, which is basically preserved baby chicks or ducks in the egg. I know, YUCK! I only tasted a tiny bit but it was gross. So then I have this chick chirping at me all the way home…not the cow or the bunny…just the chick. Like I wasn't already feeling guilty enough. ha a OH, and btw, I think they were laying eggs, not pooping. But doesn't matter…boys will take anything and make it into bathroom humor if possible! 🙂 PS: Glad that murdering that innocent cow made you feel better. LOL


Yep. Killing plastic cows. or Furbies. or Elmo. Perfectly normal. Whoever designs these toys needs to be firmly and gently told to effing STOP.