#Autism and biting

#Autism and biting

I know that this issue has been talked to death about but here it is anyway.  Biting is a huge friggin problem for us right now or rather once again.

The perpetrator is one Mr. Emmett John and the victims or victim,  is most often Gavin.

Gavin hasn’t even been home a full day and Emmett has already placed him in the menu.  We have been noticing this getting worse as more and more time passes without PT and OT.

The problem seems to be related to many things.  I think it’s sensory related,  a result on communication issues, frustration and control. OT and PT were really good outlets for him and we didn’t seem to have this many issues. 

Biting is a daily common problem and it’s difficult to address.  When it happens,  I don’t want to overreact and inadvertently reinforce the behavior.  At the same time,  I can’t let it slide either. Time outs are pointless and simply don’t work. I have to hone in one his currency and use it to deter the behavior.

By currency,  I’m referring to finding out what Emmett values more than biting and use that as a means of curbing the unwanted behavior.

Biting is a pain in more ways than one.

How do you fine folks deal with biting?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I work with special needs kids at a summer camp, and some of the kids use chewy necklaces to help with sensory issues. Maybe worth a try if it is a sensory related thing. http://www.nationalautismresources.com/chewelry.h

James Lamb

What about chewy tubes? Or is he too old for them? Our son loves his and we use them regularly for redirection. Fortunately, he isn't biting other children, so not sure the situation is remotely similar, but I wondered. Does Gavin just "take it" or does he react in a way that either doesn't deter him or encourages more biting?


I think you were on to something with the squirt bottle idea. There is nothing at all wrong with deterring dangerous behavior with something as innocuous as a teaspoon of water. It’s obviously not going to be a one time chomp, as it seems Gavin is regularly ‘on the menu’ as you put it. I am not a mean person, but what has worked so far? You have surmised repeatedly that he bites because he has no other means to communicate and it frustrates him. I’m sure it is equally frustrating to be your brother’s favorite chew toy.


Very well said. 🙂

Roni Holzer

if he bits something specifically, try to cover it with something that tastes bad.
i.e. lemon juice or something with similar (unpopular) taste that will have Emmett looking for other means to show his displeasure.

That is… if you CAN douse whatever he's biting on juice 🙂


I just had this image of Gavin covered in lemon juice or bitter Apple 🙂

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