Limiting screen time for my kids with #Autism 

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One of the things we discussed with the boy’s pediatrician the other day, was how much screen time she recommended per day. The boys weren’t happy with that question being asked but that didn’t stop the discussion. 

She said she doesn’t want them having more than two hours of screen time a day, if possible. That’s tablet, TV and video games combined. 

We’ve been wanting to make this change for some time but it keeps getting bumped. Lizze and I are going to work out exactly how we will approach this change. After school on Monday, we will sit down with the kids and loop them and explain everything. 

We will probably do this in increments because kids on the Autism Spectrum tend not to do well with change, and our kids are the poster children for that unwritten rule. I think over the course of the next week, we will have them switched, at least in part, over to a new routine. 
If we need more time to do so, than so be it. All that matters is that we get there in a reasonable amount of time. 

Read This  I pretty excited about today because I'm allowed to be

Secondly, she also agrees that they should have to earn the screen time as well. That will factor in to out plans also. 

I’ll update when we have a more solid plan in place but I will say that I’m reviewing an app that is designed to make this process very easy. Stay tuned. ☺ 

Question: Do you limit your child’s screen time? I know it’s very difficult, especially for kids with Autism, but I’d love to hear your insight and experience. If you’re an adult Autistic and would be willing to share your insight on how best to approach something like this, I’m all ears.. ☺ 


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