Overdue Lizze Update: 05/09/2012

I haven’t updated everyone as to how Lizze is doing,  well… in a really long time. This is mostly due to the fact that the kids have so much going on that it’s really hard to keep up.

If I had to sum up how Lizze was doing in only a few words,  it would be…. not good.

To say that she is in a great deal of pain would be the understatement of the century. Her tremors are really bad and require Ativan to get them under control.  As you can imagine,  that presents other problems,  due to the nature of Ativan.

Lizze has developed at least half a dozen knots or pinched nerves in her back,  neck and shoulder. They been there for months and will likely require cortisone injections to make them go away.

Her migraine is still raging and nothing seems to help that either. 

I think her biggest problem is stress.  Stress makes everything worse and unfortunately,  the Lost and Tired household is chock full of stress.

The doctors say that we simply have to reduce her stress.  Simply? Sure,  I’ll get right in that.

I think that our only chance to get her the help she needs is to get her to the Cleveland Clinic and have them figure this whole thing out. It’s not common for a woman of barely 30, to present with this many health problems.  So,  perhaps something has been missed.

The biggest obstacle right now is the fact that we have to many priorities.  Gavin’s failing health is a huge friggin priority. 

Then of course,  we have Mr.  Emmett John and his bizarre fever disorder.

Lizze has to fall in there somewhere and she selflessly puts the boys before herself,  every single time.

It’s a very difficult position for me to be in because it kills me to see her in so much pain and my every instinct is to do whatever it takes to get her relief. However,  and this is the sh1tty part,  the kids needs absolutely everything I have.  Every single resource and every last ounce of my time and energy gets poured into the boys. ..

Everything I have,  isn’t even close to being enough…..

I feel like no matter what I do,  someone will lose.  Lizze does her best to ensure that it’s her that loses and not the boys.  I totally admire her dedication to the kids and have a great deal of respect for her.  I just wish there was a better way or that I had the means to focus on everyone,  all at the same time.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Nicole Tozier

I don't know what all you guys have tried for Lizzie's health, but at 19 yrs old, I also have health issues, far too much for my age, and no one knows why. Some of the things that have helped me…8 calcium supplements a day for a few months(I only used the brand Standard Process) cured me of the inexplicable headaches I'd dealt with every day for 8 yrs. I still get them from time to time, but not like before. Seeing a chiropractor, specifically one that practices The Gonstead way(theory? unclear on proper termonology here), and it's helped keep my symptoms in check for 4 yrs, including fibro pain. And the one thing that has made the most overall improvement was a new type of food allergy test done called the Alcat Test; I presented with multiple food allergies, some I didn't even know you COULD be allergic to, and after taking the foods out of diet permanently, have seen some things improve. I don't know if any of these will help Lizzie, but I hope that, if possible, you may look into my suggestions, and I pray that maybe one or more of them will be what she needs. I also pray for Gavin, and whatever ails him at this time, and I pray that God brings you not only the strength, diligence and patience to get through all of this, but also whatever you need financially. As always, you are in my prayers.


I also feel the same and I know we may have similar experiences when it comes to this. However, we should keep and noorish our body to be healthy and fit.
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do you guys do any homeopathy? a myofacia release massage might be very good for her. A combo of magnesium, D3 and calcium supplement is also very good for stress relief and headaches. From a very stressed out mom of four who has three fractured disks in her neck, surgery free for almost 10 years, and treating naturally. Saline "blobs" are also a form of helping with headaches and are not steroids….hugs to you guys. I only understand too well…


I don't know how you do it, really. A lot of husbands/fathers would be very angry in this situation (not in a rational way, of course, but angry in the way people are when a spouse dies and thereby leaves them an impossible burden). Do you get the help and support that *you* need? You seem to be the lynch pin here, and that means you have to be very careful with your own health and stamina.


Thanks. I don't get much time to myself but as far as my health goes, I need to lose some weight and lower my cholesterol. Otherwise I'm in good shape in the health area, thank God.

I do get frustrated because I can't get anything done. I have to work in order for us to survive. However, I never get time during the day to get my writing done. At night, I usually to tired and lacking motivation to write then. ;-(

Onyx Panthyr

I know it's stupid for me to say, but you have to find at least a little time to take for yourself, even if it's just a half hour. Somewhere quiet that's just "you" time so you can recharge yourself. There's so much pressure on you and like I've said before I admire how you're able to keep pushing on through everything. But you can't keep running on fumes; it's going to catch up with you. Hang in there, and find a little "you" time. We're here for you guys. 🙂