Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin

Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin

I wanted to just sorta put this out there. It may stupid but it’s kinda fun and if feels good at the same time.

I’m always joking about how I’m gonna end up in the Looney Bin. While I’m totally,  well,  mostly,  joking around,  it does feel like that sometimes.

I recently began using Foursquare to kinda track everywhere we have been.  I was having a really bad day a few weeks ago and I decided to look for my new happy place.  Long story short,  I never found it.  However,  I did find something good else that works.

I added a place called Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin to the Foursquare database.

Now,  whenever I get really frustrated,  I simply check myself in. You know what,  it sorta actually helps. It’s totally a placebo effect but hey,  whatever works right?

Anyway,  I wanted to invite all of you to check in to Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin when things get really bad.  There’s plenty of room and we can all just hang out. I’m not sure how you find it,  but I think you can just do a search for Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin and it will pop up.  If you find it,  simply check yourself in.

It sounds funny but it’s one of those things where the idea of actually checking into the Looney Bin feels good,  even if it’s just pretend.

So the next time you feel like losing your mind,  just load up Foursquare and do a search for Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin. Just check in and take a load off.  🙂

If you don’t feel like joining us, simply add your own personal special place to Foursquare and check in when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Click Here To Check-In to Lost and Tired’s Looney Bin 

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Stephanie Scott

What a GREAT Idea 🙂 Going to look right now – and if it makes you feel better – enjoy it. You need anything you can get to help. <3

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