Today’s #Autism Discussion: Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Today’s #Autism Discussion: Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Let me start this one off by saying that I fully realize this is a sensitive subject.  While it may be difficult to talk about,  it’s a very important topic.  As our kids get older,  they will become more aware of these things. 

I’m not saying that they will understand,  but they will likely become more aware.

How do you help guide them through this difficult time?  How do you address sexually inappropriate behavior,  if and when it presents itself?

Is this time more difficult for boys or girls?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Normal is a Dryer Setting

Jonah has turned ten and often will say "boobie" and try to cop a feel down my shirt. I nursed him until he was 15 months old, which I didn't think was "too long" or anything. When he does this I take his hand in mine and say, "no, Jonah, that's mommy's private place." But he keeps trying. SIGH…

Amanda Artratius

It all depends on the culture so the question should be worded differently. It's obvious that rape is not right but it has been seen as appropriate in certain cultures. Unless you specify the culture this is an ignorant question. I am not a parent but I do have AS and am tired of support sites that only welcome parebts but are quick to judge us actually on the spectrum.


Amanda, as I don\’t personally have Autism, I\’m only able to speak from the perspective of a parent. I\’m sorry that my question offends you but in no way shape or form do I condone this behavior. Regardless of intention or culture, there is always a victim.


my son is an 11 yr old Aspie and he does inappropriate touching or even exposing of himself, but only at home and it seems when stressed or his sensory overload is in full gear. Then again, he does not always do these things under those circumstances either. There is no rhyme or reason as to when he does this very inappropriate behavior. When he has calmed down, he is embarrassed and then we process what took place. Unfortunately, he can't verbalize what he is feeling well enough to put into words. I need to bring this up to his doctor, can't say that he will know what to do either. But so far he has not done this in public. Yet. That is a huge concern of mine. he can tell you what is right vs wrong, but when in the moment he is unable to disengage his emotions 🙁

Mary Kibbons

Yes this is a very important topic. I am just curious though whether non-stop touching of a 6 y/o male is okay, or is this caused from being an Aspie? I am not sure if I'm writing in the right spot…am new to this blog area.



You can write wherever the heck you feel like it. 🙂

I\’m not sure that I follow your question but if I\’m right and your asking if it\’s common for a 6 year old aspie to constantly be touching themselves, I would say I believe that\’s relatively common. I would think as long as there wasn\’t a history of sexual abuse its pretty common. Hope that helps 🙂

Mary Kibbons


Thank you very much 🙂 !

You were following my question just right. I just get to the point sometimes where I am not sure what is common & what is not when it comes to the things my son does. There was some sexual abuse a few years back, but this started way before that 🙁 ! I usually just try to take things as they come & just consider it as "okay" so to speak since he does have sensory processing issues. I am not an Aspie either, but it's easier to help others outside of your immediate family; than it is to do so inside the family!

Thanks again 🙂 !!!


This is a very important topic. I don't have any answers for ya but I will be looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

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