Balancing everything isn’t easy

Balancing everything isn’t easy

For those of you that read Lizze’s post from yesterday,  I think it’s clear that something has to give. No one should be expected to live through this much pain,  each and every day,  only to face the challenges associated with special needs parenting.

I want to get Lizze to the Cleveland Clinic for an evaluation.

I’m not so much questioning her diagnosis as I am her current treatment options. Considering the fact that nothing being done has helped,  I think it’s time to go to a facility that has more ammo in their arsenal,  when it comes to treating chronic pain disorders and migraines.

Honestly,  this is long overdue.

The problem is that we will likely have to change insurance carriers and that means the boys having to move to a new place for PT, OT and Speech therapies.

Up until now,  Lizze has been unwilling to change carriers because of the potential impact it may have on the boys.

This really is a difficult situation.  However,  in my humble opinion,  the boys will be better of long term and short term with a mother that’s getting better than the therapies I mentioned above.

I realize they need the therapies but they also need their mother. She deserves to live here life as pain free as possible. I also really believe that as she would improve,  so would the family as a whole.

I think we are reaching a that I’m going to really have to insist that this be done.

I know how hard it is for me to see Lizze going through this,  I can’t imagine how the boys feel.

Lizze has done so much for all of us,  I want to make sure she gets the best care possible and it doesn’t get a whole lot better than the Cleveland Clinic.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Onyx Panthyr

Is there a way to get Lizze her own secondary insurance policy, at least for a little while so you don't have to uproot what the boys are used to? Lizze, from reading Rob's blog from when I first found it through Android Central over a year ago, I see you're a wonderful mom who tries to do everything she can – don't doubt that. Your family needs you, but in order to do that, you need to take care of you too. You shouldn't be suffering because you have to worry about everything else. You deserve to be well too.


Thank you so much. 🙂


Does Lizze have a psychiatrist looking out for her? I ask because of the high rates of comorbidity of fibro with major depression and because of the way that she presents in her vlog. None of my business, of course, so don't feel you have to answer, but you should be able to find a psychiatrist on any insurance plan and maybe that is a way to get more treatment for her without disturbing the boys' treatments?

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