Balancing sanity and safety

Balancing sanity and safety

It honestly feels like a lose lose situation.  The kids are going crazy today and I’m following right behind them. They have so much energy and need an outlet. 

The problem is the same as it has always been.  The neighborhood is not suited to allow 3 special needs boys out to play.

The other problem with taking the boys outside is that I’m just so tired and I literally have no energy left.
Lizze wouldn’t be capable,  even if she had the energy,  which she doesn’t.

I know many of you out there,  live in similar environments.  How do you manage to find balance between preserving your sanity and ensuring everyone’s safety.?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Can you explain what is the problem with the neighborhood? I know you have heard gunshots at night, but you have a fenced backyard and dogs, no? And little girls (albeit mean ones) walk by your house during the day, so it can't be that bad – or can it? I'm not questioning your judgment, but as a reader I just don't understand the source of the problem very well….

And can't you hire someone to be with them outside in your backyard while you sleep or rest or work? (Again, I feel there is an issue here, but I don't understand well enough to know what it is…) Surely there must be some reasonably responsible person in the neighborhood who could babysit?



We have gang and drug violence moving into the area. Last September a kid was stabbed and bled out in front of my house. I actually was providing first aide and literally holding his intestines in because he had been split open.

A few weeks later, there was a drive by shooting that happened a few doors down while I was getting my family out of the car. When the the shooters came speeding around the corner, they saw me standing there and tried to run me down before throwing two loaded handguns out the Window narrowly missing my wife.

Where we live our neighborhood itself isn\’t that bad but we are now surrounded by rival gangs and we\’re stuck in their middle. It\’s become a shooting gallery and we also had our van stolen while I was standing 10 feet away. That was believed to be gang related as well.

So it\’s actually physically unsafe to live here and that\’s why we are trying to leave. Does that make more sense? I wasn\’t offended by your question at all so no worries 🙂

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