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OMG….  Gavin is driving me crazy.  He’s not listening and he keeps interrupting everyone when they are talking.  Some of this is typical aspie stuff and some of it is preteen stuff.  Having said that,  I’m trying to come up with a plan on how to address this behavior. 

It has to be addressed because it’s raising tensions in the house.

This morning,  he had a huge,  very self-injurious meltdown. I tried the approach of just ignoring him and that didn’t help.

In Gavin’s case,  he not so much sensory seeking as he is attention seeking.  I’m sure that sensory issues play into this but these meltdowns are very often willful acts. Again,  this applies to Gavin and I’m not making a blanket statement about people with Autism in general.

Honestly,  the whole dynamic of the house is in disarray. 

We went from Gavin being in school everyday to being home every minute of everyday. This has added a great deal of additional stress to the Lost and Tired house and it wasn’t up to code in the first place.

Our grocery budget for this month is shot because we hadn’t planned on feeling Gavin breakfast and lunch everyday. 

June will be a better month as we will be prepared but May is going to be rough.

I don’t know what to do with Gavin because he’s to medically fragile to attend school but he well enough to do all the things he does at home.  I know there aren’t any real demands on him at home and the helps him.

However,  I want to get him involved in household activities. 

I don’t want to baby him but at the same time,  I don’t want to push him either.  The really frustrating part is that there is no clear boundaries between babying him and pushing to hard. This means that we are basically flying blind.

I find this whole thing very frustrating and I,  admittedly,  am not looking forward to the rest of the summer.  My patience is on the endangered species list and I’m doing everything in my power to keep it from going extinct.

However,  Gavin’s behaviors are sorta like poachers and they keep picking off all the patience I have left.  🙁

Editor’s Note:  I want to make something very clear. I love Gavin completely.  I however,  am only human and Gavin’s behavioral issues are a lot to contend with. 

Having said that,  I draw a huge distinction between Gavin the person and his behaviors. 

Unfortunately,  the reality is that no matter how I chose to look at this,  the behaviors are still a huge,  huge problem.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I understand. My (adhd) son can be just as grating. I have said "I love you always, but not always what you do".




I understand. –Leslie
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Thank you