Thank God we’re made of money and can just replace everything that breaks O_o

Really Gavin? Really?

Gavin snuck this shirt into the laundry this morning and Lizze stumbled across it as she was looking for something else.  WTF happened to this shirt? In person, the biggest hole looks almost like it was burned……

Of course, Gavin has no idea what happened to it and probably wouldn’t admit to it, even if he did.

Thank God we are made of money and can just replace it.  O_o


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i hope that any of those holes were burns. i do understand the seam tear and the wierd little holes (my NT son has a couple of shirt that happened to). have you thought of maybe to check on what you are lighting the pilot light with on the heater to make sure he hasnt gotten a hold of it by accident fire is interesting to a lot of people NT or not. he of course doesnt know the danger but we have told our NT kids about fire and they think they are invinsible.

Tara Safarian

My 9 year old with Autism is very rough on clothes and coats and shoes! He pulls strings out of his clothes! Very rough with his shoes so we go through two pairs a month! Just had to buy another winter coat because he ruined the zipper! His last coat he ripped two months ago! It is very expensive!

Kimberly Ann Miller

love freecycle.. especially with four kids .. also like craiglist free section

Peggy Sampson

My 11 year old loves to pull threads of his socks and make a big hole. Have to buy a lot of socks. They are not cheap! Other clothes besides underwear, second hand store or rummage sale.

Nicole Logan

Do they have a freecycle group in your area?

Michael Henshaw

Wow, was it being worn at the time? Looks like something sharp (scissors?). It happens with NTs also. My middle boy stated once that he had no idea how his shirt got two holes in the front. When I pointed out that I could see that both holes happened to be exactly on the fangs in the image of the snake on the shirt, he confessed. No-one knows, however, how the holes (possibly eye holes?) Got cut in two of our pillow cases. I hope that today goes better for you.

Randall Ric

Can you say a thrift store trip


My front loader used to do that all the time, especially to “soft” clothes like tshirts and pajamas