This is a really big day for my youngest

This is a big week for us. Emmett is slated to return to school for 3 hours a day. He’s nervous but he’s also excited at the same time. We’ve been talking about it this weekend and he seems resolved to make this happen. I’m praying it goes well with because he has needs to get back to school full time ASAP.

Unfortunately, I need to be in 2 places at once on Monday monring. I have to have Gavin in Cleveland to see his immunologist first thing in the morning and I won’t be here to pick Emmett from school at 11 AM. My parents are unavailable this week and so I had to make arrangements for Emmett’s mom and grandmother to pick him up. I’m really grateful for the help.

I made it very clear that they are will have to be there by 11 AM or it will throw Emmett off and they he will be less willing to trust that someone with be there for him in the future. I hate the idea of not handing this on my own but it takes a village, right?

On the way home from Cleveland, I’m going to drop Gavin off at his mom and grandmother’s house. They will also pick Elliott up after school and have a visit for the afternoon.

I feel like shit and while it’s just a cold, these usually hit me pretty hard. I almost never get sick but when I do, I get hit hard. Thankfully, it’s just a cold and nothing serious. I hope that I shake this off in the next few days.

Once I get moving in the morning, I feel a little better. I’m just rundown and feel like I’m dealing with a bad cold. Assuming I’m functional when I wake up, I fully intend to get Gavin to his appointment, even if I just sit in the car while he sees his doctor. Not sure how that would work but it’s just an option.

Anyway, I have a busy week beyond this because I need to get some preparatory shopping done for our upcoming trip. I need clothes and the kids will likely need a few clothing items as well. I need to finalizing something with our rental car and get a few things done around the house.

I want to make sure I rest but there’s so much that needs to get done.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Can I ask why you can’t take your new car? Didn’t you just buy it?